Beyond the Vessel

Beyond the Vessel is an in-progress project that explores the history and evolution of reproductive autonomy. Find out how you can participate or support this new work.


For too long, the reproductive decisions made by those of us who were assigned female at birth have been up for debate — that is, if we were given a choice to begin with. In the contemporary United States, abortion rights are regularly slashed, maternal mortality is on the rise, trans and queer people face medical discrimination, and forced sterilization is an all-too-recent memory for marginalized groups and incarcerated women. 

The fight for reproductive justice is far from over, and Beyond the Vessel aims to contribute to this conversation.


Amanda’s mission is to humanize the types of reproductive decisions and experiences that have been considered a cause for persecution. Combining portraits of people who are directly impacted by these issues with visuals that reference the history of reproductive healthcare, she hopes to uncover some of the underlying dogmas that have set the foundation for barriers (both ideological and logistic) that still inhibit reproductive autonomy today.

If you have experienced reproductive oppression or have faced stigma for your reproductive decisions, please consider participating in this project. You may email the artist directly at or fill out the form on this page.


You can see in-progress work at and on Instagram @beyondthevessel.


If you don't have a story to share but would still like to contribute to this work, please consider donating to Beyond the Vessel. With the goal of traveling across 15 states to photograph and collect the video testimonies of 50+ people, costs to create this work are high and ongoing. A donation of any size will help purchase film, pay for processing, buy photo supplies, and afford travel and boarding across the country.


Get Involved

Please fill out the form below to share your name, a brief description of your experience, and how you found out about this project. From there, Amanda will answer any questions or have a one-on-one conversation before you begin.

Once you've submitted your information through the form below, Amanda will reach out to you in 1-2 days to answer your questions and schedule a meeting. During the initial meeting, you’ll work with Amanda to create portraits at a location that is personal or comfortable to you.

If you change your mind about participating prior to the first photo shoot, you'll be under no obligation to continue with the project.

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