Lucy, Axle, Adam, Samuel, and Cree

Phoenix Women's March

On January 21st, I joined millions of people worldwide to protest the presidency of Donald Trump and stand in defense of human rights. During the march, I photographed a few of the 20,000 Arizonans at the Phoenix Women's March, and asked what motivated them to be a part of this historic day. 

What's your name and why are you marching?

"My name is Lucy Vargas and I'm here because environmental work and taking care of mother Earth is very important, and we believe it's important for everyone to know, and especially our families of color, because we are the ones that are being mostly effected. I also think it's very important to have our Latino youth to come out and support this very important issue, just like many others that are out here."

"My name is Axle Vargas and I'm here because I think environmental justice is an important thing. Climate change needs to stop, and I think we all need to take care of the environment for our future families and generations."

"My name is Adam Moreno and I just want to be here because I support women's rights. Then, like since Don Trump is presidency there's gonna be a lot of hate so we need to stand up." 

My name is Samuel Martinez, and I'm here because there's a lot of issues going on, especially today in the world. One, us being here today on a women's march, but I'm also here talking about how the environment does effect the people, and it effects everyone. There's a lot of issues, and not just one issue at a time, and that always comes together.

"I'm Cree Flores, and I believe every should have equal rights, and every should be peaceful, so that's why I came here."