Katie, Ms. Annie Beech, and Joelle

Phoenix Womens March

On January 21st, I joined millions of people worldwide to protest the presidency of Donald Trump and stand in defense of human rights. During the march, I photographed a few of the 20,000 Arizonans at the Phoenix Women's March, and asked what motivated them to be a part of this historic day. 

What's your name and why are you marching?

"My name is Katie, and I am here because I want to stand up for what's right in a time when scary things are happening."

"Hi, I'm Ms. Annie Beech, and I'm here because I want to support everybody's rights, and I want love to prevail over everything."

"My name is Joelle, and I'm here because I believe that if something is wrong you have to go out there and be the action, do something about it. So, that's why I'm here."