I don't get along with other girls

is a phrase that sickens me. It drives me crazy. It’s misogynistic and sad and girls need to stop. It is essentially a thing women say to fit in with guys by joining them in a masculine superiority complex. By discounting HALF of the human population as unworthy of your friendship based on a few run-ins with some unpleasant personalities (that happen to be female) is neglecting so many opportunities to have wonderful, flourishing friendships with individuals without biases. 

Some of my closest friends are men, and I love them and value them as much as I do my female friendships. As a naive and inexperienced youth, I believed in this dumb excuse to be “one of the guys”, but as a slightly more competent person in my early 20’s, I know that I’d be lost without my wonderful lady friends.  

Even if you primarily have male friends, please don’t write this off as not getting along with women. Women are cool and a lot of them make awesome friends.