NEW RANT: Homeless Halloween Costume

Leading up to this Halloween, I saw a large conversation online about not having an offensive costume. A lot of it had to do with cultural appropriation, blackface (OBVIOUSLY), or referencing recent catastrophes, but something that wasn’t covered and something that has unfortunately been popping up on my social media feeds are UPPER-MIDDLE CLASS COLLEGE KIDS DRESSING UP AS HOMELESS PEOPLE. AND NO ONE IS TALKING ABOUT IT. Sorry if I’m stereotyping the people who chose these ill-humored costumes, but really? Really? Homelessness is a serious issue, and the people we see on the streets everyday are facing extreme hardships. Hundreds of homeless people die in the summer from heat-related causes. Many are suffering from mental illness, some have seen war, often they are malnourished, and somehow someone thought it was okay to put black and brown makeup smudges on their freshly-washed and healthy faces, wear a flannel shirt and some shredded cut-off shorts they probably bought at a department store, and hold up a sign written on the lid of a pizza box that they were fortunate enough to previously purchase and eat. 

update: I just googled it and apparently its a thing and everyone is cool with it. there are a million tutorials and youtube videos explaining how to look homeless. what the hell.