Queen Zee

Queen Zee Phoenix Women's March
Phoenix Women's March

On January 21st, I joined millions of people worldwide to protest the presidency of Donald Trump and stand in defense of human rights. During the march, I photographed a few of the 20,000 Arizonans at the Phoenix Women's March, and asked what motivated them to be a part of this historic day. 

What's your name and why are you marching?

"I'm Zee, or the Queen Zee. I am a South African American representative, and I feel that the great land of America is going down in flame, and I think it's important that, just like in the Titanic, somebody took time to play music as the ship was going down. I think that that's my duty here in society today, because there's a lot of young women, you know I mean, that aren't informed, aren't educated, and I think that what we're, us all women, and men and women are here today today is a great representation, and I feel like all of us across the world, we're marching, we're protesting, but what really is that gonna do? That's what John Lewis said to those young brothers down there in Miami, that what is all this marching, and hooting and hollering really gonna do?

I mean it's great, it's cute, and even my people back home in South Africa are marching and protesting today, but the problem with that is, we've gotta do something a little different. We've gotta do something a little stronger. And like I said, my real duty here is to play the national anthem 45 times in a row for our fine 45th president. So, again, that is what I'm here to do today."