What Will Be

I took these pictures with family in mind, but in doing so, but it is impossible for me to accurately describe who they are and what they mean to me, not in an image or in written language. 

You will never know the incredible warmth and kindness that my grandma raised me with. You will never experience my grandfather's quiet strength in the way that I have. You will never deal with my cousin's mischievous intelligence, and you will never have my partner's tireless affection and support. I wish I could fully express the love that I have for them in a representational form, but I can't fathom where to begin. 

Home is not bound to any single location, not anymore. My family is home. Though I can't always be with them, neither distance nor time will change their significance in my life. Photographing these individuals, objects, and places that represent our rleationships is my way of further understanding who they are and who I am. With these pictures I can finally start to visualize home.